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    Safe24 SafeAdsBlock is the best-of-its-kind Ads Blocking and optimization tool
    that not only remove annoying Ads for maximum performance but also ensures
    your privacy. Block online Ads instantly and automatically.
  • Be Secure with Safe24
    My Pc Care
    MyPcCare is the advance tool for cleaning your PC. It protects your privacy
    and makes your computer faster and more secure! MyPcCare is best
    PC optimization tool which scan and clean duplicate files and block
    unwanted websites in all browsers.
  • Desktop and Tablet Friendly
    Safe24 URL-Blocker is a powerful, efficient, and lightweight app that keep you safe
    from unwanted websites. URL-Blocker help you where requires that access be
    denied to social networking sites and sites containing prohibited content.


SafeAdsBlock Software removing or altering advertising content in a webpage of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firfox. Advertising can exist in a variety of forms including pictures, animations, embedded audio and video, text, or pop-up windows and can employ autoplay of audio and video. All browsers offer some solution to the problem, either by targeting technologies that are used to deliver ads, targeting URLs that are the source of ads, or targeting behaviours characteristic of ads.

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My Pc Care

MyPcCare is an application that is installed to your computer to scan and clean Cookies, Cache, Junk, Temporary files. MyPcCare clean unnecessary or hazardous Extensions and add-ons in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browser. It also allows to scan and clean System Registry. It clean start-up folders and start-up paths to prevent application start at system startup. It allows WebFiltering function to block websites in all browsers. MyPcCare have Dupliacte finder function which allow to scan duplicate files in system and delete unnecessary files.

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URL Blocker

URL Blocker - User can blocks unwanted hazardous websites for Internet Explorer. User can add number of websites in URL-Blocker which user wants to block as well as remove same websites which user wants to see again in his computer. URL-Blocker help you where requires that access be denied to social networking sites and sites containing prohibited content, such as pornography, gambling and hate-crime related activities.

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I was completely frustrated with a slow PC that hanged most of the time on work. I wanted a solution for it on an immediate basis and I am happy that I got to know about Safe24 Softwares. Now my PC runs like a new one. - David Adraison   customer
Safe24 gave me amazing results to speed up my PC like never before. It scanned and removed all the junk out it just within fraction of time and gave me exactly what I have been wanting from a long time. Yes, a cleaner and faster PC. - Lucia Fernandez   customer
I have a high level character on my favorite game I play! The items I have have taken me months to grind and get. I never login without making sure Safe24 MyPcCare is protecting my login. I feel at ease knowing that Safe24 MyPcCare will protect me even if I happen to have a keylogger downloaded from many hackers who are just waiting to make me a victim. Thanks Safe24! - Stefan Jenson   customer

Safe24 Softwares Protect Your PCs, Laptops with Real-time Security against web based attacks.