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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Safe24 MyPcCare?
Safe24 MyPcCare is a PC cleaning and optimization tool which ensures the top performance of your Windows system by removing unnecessary scrap from it. It is easy to use and will clean your PC at just a click of button.
2. Why do I need Safe24 MyPcCare?
With Safe24 MyPcCare, one can easily scan and clean all the unused files and registries from their PC at just a click of a button. You can now optimize your PC for better speed and higher performance instantly.
3. What if I am an advanced PC user, will Safe24 MyPcCare meet my needs?
Safe24 MyPcCare is for everyone. It is built with advanced features with an easy to use interface. Hence, every kind of user whether a newbie or an experienced professional can access this tool for PC cleaning and optimization.
4. Is it required to Safe24 MyPcCare ON at the time of starting the PC?
It’s easy starting Safe24 MyPcCare and one can do this at any time, when necessary at just a click of a button. You can also set the date and time when you want Safe24 MyPcCare to clean and optimize your system. That’s it.
5. Do I Need Internet to use Safe24 MyPcCare?
No, internet connection is not required to use Safe24 MyPcCare. Just get the latest version of the tool to ensure its optimal performance.
6. How to Get Updates for Safe24 MyPcCare?
Whatever be the version of your Safe24 MyPcCare, you need not be worried for its updates as it will be done automatically. You need not do anything for this.


1. What is MyPcCare?
MyPcCare is a simple desktop application that randomizes your keystrokes as you type to prevent hackers from knowing what you are typing.
2. Why do I need MyPcCare?
The growing threat of hackers who are stealing your online banking account information, social media accounts, and any sensitive information is taking it's toll on people of the internet. MyPcCare's role in defeating these hackers lies in the way we protect the keys you are typing. Even if you have keyloggers that are logging your keystrokes, our technology is able to protect you.
3. I have an anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed. Won't this work?
No! Anti-Virus and anti-spyware software are able to pick up what is detectable. The most severe threats are the ones that go undetected by anti-viruses and anti-spyware software. By utilizing the power of MyPcCare, you are protected, regardless if the threat is a known one or not. This is something that no anti-virus or anti-spyware software can do, ever!
4. Do I have to turn MyPcCare on each time I start my computer?
No! MyPcCare automatically starts itself up. You will see the green overlay window signifying you are being protected as you type!
5. How do I know if MyPcCare is on?
You should see the green overlay window show up as you type. You will know you are protected in that application as you type.
6. I have a password manager, like LastPass, KeePass, or Norton Safe, will this protect me?
Not entirely! You still need to be sure your master password is protected, and any other information you may need to type also needs to be protected. This type of software does not protect every keystroke you type!
7. What if I don't connect to the internet?
MyPcCare still has you covered. It lies deep within your computer's operating system. MyPcCare is protecting your keystrokes typed while online and offline.
8. How do I get updates for MyPcCare?
MyPcCare automatically updates! There is nothing you need to do, no matter what version you are running! We handle all of the updates automatically so you can rest easy.
9. An application I want to use with MyPcCare protection is not supported!
Contact us by writing an email to: support@MyPcCare.com and we will do our best to get it supported.