Emergency Call

Shake your phone to connect your closest one in your peril situation even in phone lock state.

Emergency Sms

Send emergency massage upto 3 person at same time just SHAKE your phone to initiate.

Background Video

In a peril situation shake to Record a video without unlocking your phone and store it for later evidance.


Video Drive Backup

Recorded video will save automatically into your Google Drive, you just need to shake first.

Location Tracking

Emergency SMS contain your Google Map Location, that will your closest one to find you.

Without Internet

If you run out off data or you don't have internet in your phone no issue, the app will work even in offline.*


A simple demonstration of how to use Safe24.

Download Safe24

Safe24 App is a Human Safety App. Sometimes in our peril situation we don't have time to ask for help. The Safe 24 App will then serve as a means of sending a distress message for us. The App will work even if there is no internet connection.



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