Private Data We Receive And Collect

Safe24 can be considered as a commercial app fabricated by Westernlight and western light has conceptualized it. This page is designed for informing the visitors about our policies with the gathering, use and exposure of personal information if anybody determined for using our service. If you are willing to use our service, then you need to agree to the policy related to the collection and use of information. We use our user’s personal information in order to provide and improve the service. We ensure that there is no risk of disclosure, as we do not share your information with others except as mentioned in this privacy policy. The terms you find in our privacy policy page is quite similar to our terms and conditions which you can access unless it is differently defined in privacy policy. Collecting and utilizing your information In order to enjoy the service on the whole, we ask you to provide some particular identifiable personal information such as your name, contact number, blood group and so on, making it easier for us to identify you and giving you the best experience. We ensure that we will retain your information safely and use them according to the need. When customers order something, we collect some information from them which we use for billing and administration purpose, also to support our delivered service and product. We do not pass your information to any third party regarding marketing purpose.

Our server does not store user’s contact numbers and location details Collecting information in order to identify our users is done by reliable third party services Permission Immediately after downloading and installing, the application will ask you for certain permissions, so to accomplish specific functions on your device.

  • View and access information related to networks and access networks, permission for sending and receiving data by such networks and access networks
  • Determining your probable location from various sources such as mobile towers, Wi-Fi networks and so on
  • Determining your proper location through sources like GPS
  • Permission for SMS and CALL to use the basic app features
  • Contacts permission for adding contact from the phone book
  • Other information submitted by you or your organizational representatives via various methods
  • Battery permission for run always on the background Log data We are concerned about informing you that if you face any error in the app while using our service, we gather information like IP (Internet Protocol) address, name, OS version of your device and data like app configuration while using our service, the date and time of using and other statistics on your phone via third party products, this process is known as log data. Cookies Cookies mean files that comprised small volume data usually used as anonymous identifiers. When you visit a website, it sends these cookies to your browser and stores on the internal memory of your device. There is no direct or explicit use of these cookies in our service. But, for collecting information and improving the service, the app uses third party code and libraries which may use cookies. You get to know when cookies are being sent to your device and it is up to you whether you accept or reject these. In case you refuse our cookies, you may not get access to some portion of our service.

Service providers Followings are some reasons why we tend to employ third party organizations or individuals:

  1. For Facilitating the service as well as payments
  2. Providing the service on our behalf
  3. Performing various services related to service
  4. Helping us to analyze how the service we provide is used Here, we want to make a clear confession that these third parties have access to our user’s personal information, in order to perform the assigned tasks with efficiency. At the same time, we can ensure you that there is no risk of disclosure and these reliable third parties will never ever going to use such information in other regards. Security You provide your personal information and we are committed to protect this trust using commercially admissible means. But we also want to inform you that there is no 100% guarantee of security and credibility while using methods such as transmission over the internet and electronic storage. Review Linked sites This service is about linking with other sites where clicking a third party link will direct you to such sites. Remember that we do not operate those external sites, so please check their privacy policy because we are not responsible for the content, policies and practices of such sites. Children’s privacy We do not collect personal information of anyone below the age of 13 years deliberately and if in case such thing happens, we take immediate action and clear out all the information from our servers. Our request to all the parents and guardians, if you find that your kid has submitted their personal information, please let us know that so we can take necessary initiatives. Updating the privacy policy You may witness time to time changes in our privacy policy, so we recommend you to keep your eye on this page periodically. We post new policies on this page in order to notify you and the changes start to effect immediately after the post is being made.

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