• When you download the app for using, immediately all the terms apply to you automatically and it is your responsibility to read and understand them carefully. You can’t claim to modify or copy the app or any portion of it or our trademarks. Extracting the app’s source code is not allowed and you should also avoid translating the app into other languages or making derivative versions as well. All the rights related to this app including copyright, trademarks, database rights, other intellectual rights and the app itself belong to Westernlight.
  • Westernlight is dedicated as well as committed for making the Safe24 app as effective and proficient as possible. Reserving the right is quite necessary for making changes to the app as required or changing its services any time regarding any reason. There will be no charge for the app or the services it provides, unless we make it clear for you why do you need to pay.
  • For providing the best service, Safe24 app collects as well as processes user’s personal information or data and the users are responsible for keeping their phones and accessing the app securely. The official OS (operating system) of your phone impose some software limitations and restrictions, if you jailbreak or root your device it can remove such restrictions, making it vulnerable to viruses, malwares, malicious programs, compromising the security feature of your phone and the Safe24 app may not perform perfectly or at all.
  • You can run Safe24 app without internet (means offline), but at the same time you need to be careful about some particular things for which you can’t blame Westernlight . There are few functions of this app that require an operative mobile network and if a user does not have access to mobile network and if he or she is running out of their data allowance, then Westernlight is not responsible for the improper performance of Safe24 app.
  • If a user runs Safe24 app through Wi-Fi outside of an area, they should not forget that the terms regarding the agreement with his or her mobile network provider still applies. Naturally, the mobile network provider will charge them for the expense of data for the time of the connection when using the Safe24 app or there may involve charges of other third parties as well. When you are accessing the app, you are responsible for any kind of charges that may include roaming charges for internet usage while you are using the app outside your region, home territory or country and forget to turn off data roaming. Do you pay the bill for the device you are using to run Safe24 app? If not, then we recommend you to receive the permission of the actual bill payer in order to use the app.
  • It is not possible for Westernlight to take all the responsibility all the time, the users of Safe24 must carry some responsibilities on their own and they also need to be concerned and careful about how they are using the app. To give an example, if the battery of your mobile is not charged sufficiently and you can’t turn the Safe24 app on, so you can utilize its service, it won’t be reasonable to blame Westernlight for this.
  • Though, Westernlight is always committed for ensuring that Safe24 app is updated and perfectly working, there are some third parties or associates they rely upon for providing information to them and making them efficient, so they can offer their best service to the users. Westernlight is not liable for any kind of direct or indirect loss that a user may experience as a consequence of relying entirely on such functionality of Safe24 app.
  • At certain points, we prefer updating the app. At this moment, Safe24 is available on Android- system requirement can change and the user needs to download the updates in order to continue the use of Safe24 app. Westernlight does not promise to keep updating the app so it stays relevant to you, making the app compatible to the latest Android version you have installed on your phone. The user needs to promise that he or she will accept updates to the app when offered to them. We may wish not to provide the app, terminating its use at any time without providing any termination notice to you. Unless, Westernlight tells the user otherwise, upon the termination (a) the licenses and rights granted to them in these terms will end; (b) the user needs to stop using Safe24 app and if required delete the app from their device.
  • Changes in terms & conditions: As a user, you may witness time to time updates or changes in our terms & conditions. We advise all of our users for periodically reviewing this page to find out any changes. We send notification to the users regarding any changes, post the new terms & conditions on this page and the changes come into effect immediately after the posting.

For any kind of quarries as well as suggestions regarding our Terms & Conditions, feel free to contact us at contact@westrnlight.com